The Burden of the Subaltern

I found Ernest Priego’s short piece to be extremely compelling and drenched with powerful ideas, so much so that I wish it had been longer so that I could have gathered a deeper understanding of the platforms on which his arguments were made. My main takeaway from this reading this article was that a subaltern, with a masterful handle on the English language and access to technology has a responsibility to contribute to the way in which their segment of the population is represented online. Priego coined this idea, online self-determination, and defined it as “the freedom of misrepresented individuals and communities to determine their own online content”.  Priego painted a picture of a “community of communities”, which he himself acknowledged may be a bit idealized, in which multilingual hyperlinks and tags connect different subaltern communities in a universal effort of online self-determination.

To read more of Kayci’s post, visit Let’s Take Heart.


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