Girl Meets Web: A digital love story in more ways than one. (by Kayci)

My family thrives on traditions, new and old. We pass down family names, we eat breakfast burritos on Christmas morning, we wave goodbye until the car is out of sight and every grandchild is gifted a computer on their tenth birthday. Today, a ten year old having his or her own personal computer is not particularly shocking, but in 2002, when I unwrapped my first computer, I remember feeling like the coolest fourth grader in the world.


Despite my undeniable status as a Digital Native, I have always fought to keep face-to-face, or at least voice-to-voice, interactions at the forefront of my social life. Overall, I would like to think that I have succeeded, but, I’m ashamed to say that, until recently, my love life has always existed, almost exclusively, online.

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